Enjoying the Season

choconut xtasy

Despite being super busy with work and school (what’s new), I’ve taken some time to enjoy the season, even though its been kinda hot here in southern California.

I went to Au Lac with a friend who was visiting from North Carolina. As usual, I forgot to take pictures of the food but fortunately I did remember to snap a shot of the amazing dessert. It is a raw vegan dessert called Choconut Xtasy and it tastes every bit as delicious as it looks.

I just got home from an all day conference on Medieval-Renaissance studies at my former university where a friend is completing her master’s degree in English Literature. She gave a great presentation on Shakespeare’s play, Antony and Cleopatra. Last Saturday we did a photoshoot, and afterward ate at an awesome Greek restaurant. No pictures of the food but here is a picture from the gypsy-themed shoot.

After a great post-conference dinner at a great Italian restaurant (I forgot to take pictures of the food), we were going to go to a birthday party but exhaustion set in, so we went home. And now I’m enjoying a nice glass of raspberry wine while listening to the Ramones while I update my blog finally!

raspberry wine


2 Responses to “Enjoying the Season”

  1. That dessert looks amazing!

  2. Okay that choc dessert cakey thing looks insanely good.
    I’ll prob have two of that and get a sugar rush like no other.

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