Fall Is Here!

And so is school. I finished my master degree in May, thinking I was finally free. But I was wrong. I’m taking programming classes now that are more difficult than anything I’ve ever studied before.

So……I’ve not had much time for cooking anything worth sharing. Most nights I’m studying till late, forgetting to eat, then at 9pm I notice the time, freak out and eat a microwave burrito or something. Terrible, I know.

I’ve been inspired by autumn though. Its my favorite season. I decided I would make this autumn the best yet. So I’ve been hitting the arts and crafts stores, making lots of Halloween inspired things, I’ve been painting again (when I have the time, which is not often). I started a watercolor painting 2 years ago and I’m still working on it!

I have been doing a bunch of photography and photoshopping. That’s probably my favorite form of art; photography and digital editing. I have a photoshoot coming up next weekend, which I look forward to. It’ll be medieval themed with a strong tarot/gypsy/occult style with my friend Irene, who is a bellydancer.

So anyway, I took the day off today because I saw one of my favorite bands, Satyricon last night, performing in Hollywood. Having the whole day to relax, I made a nice big lunch, which I managed to photograph. I haven’t made this in a while because its been too hot but now with the weather cooling, it is more fitting. Its a tofu scramble with gravy.

tofu scramble

I’ve also been VERY busy with kittens. Yep, one of the neighborhood cats took a liking to my patio, so she brings me her kittens. I took one to a shelter, thinking she had abandoned it, but now there are more. They are making the cutest meows as I type this. I leave them alone though, I just watch and photograph because I don’t want to run the risk of the mom abandoning them if I handle them too much.

calico2 2 kittens black kitten skadi


4 Responses to “Fall Is Here!”

  1. Those cats are adorable. My parents have a cat with a line down her face like the one in the upper pictures. They look so darling! now I want a kitten! πŸ™‚

  2. OMG! TOO MUCH CUTENESS! That kitty next to the rake is amazing.

  3. SERIOUSLY four burners at the same time?!

    Show off!

    hehehe kidding. But it’s about time ya updated!

    Anyway yea we’re all busy…but I’m glad you had some time off to do fun stuff Eric!

    Cute kitties by the way. I would gush more but I’m not a cat person.

    I know, I know, terrible 😦

    Be my friend still. lol

  4. Cutest. cats. EVER.

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