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Trip to Monterey

Posted in dinner, indian, lunch, restaurants, travel on October 29, 2010 by nosferatofu

Old Fisherman's Wharf

Got back late Wednesday night from Monterey.  I was there since Sunday for a library conference.

Had a great time and ate some great food 😉

British India Curry

Pictured above was an incredibly good Indian curry dish I got at a British Pub of all places.

…and some birdies
Birds on a Rock

….and a night shot I got when I had 2 margaritas and not completely sober 🙂
Old Whaling Station By Night

and another highway shot….i think this was also taken when i was not sober…..
Dockside Overpass


Haunted Hollywood

Posted in travel on August 26, 2009 by nosferatofu

So! I’ve been, as usual, busy with life. Much to my dismay, I haven’t been cooking much lately. Or I should say, I haven’t been cooking anything too fancy. And when I do…..I forget to photograph it! I know, I’m the worst food blogger ever.

I just get so excited about food that I’m ready to dive right in and only afterward to I think “oh I should have snapped a shot of that”.

Anyway….I’ll have some new food entries soon, I’ve come across some really cool stuff I want to try, although I might save the really hearty stuff for when it cools down. Fortunately my apartment has a wonderful cross breeze and even on the hottest day I don’t need to use a fan.

So….what have I been up to? I took a fun “Haunted Hollywood” tour this past weekend with some friends. I took a peek at a bunch of LA/Hollywood vegan restaurants but my friends weren’t brave enough to try them, so we went to California Pizza Kitchen. I got a delicious Japanese Eggplant veggie pizza, of course with no cheese, and it was very satisfying after a day of stomping around the city.

Some highlights:
driveway to the Playboy mansion…..I had to get a shot of the sign!
Death Tour

Duckula and Technofrog posing in front of the Hollywood sign (about as close as you can get to it)
Death Tour

me at the altar near Bela Lugosi’s grave….I was so excited!

Washington DC – International City of Eatin'

Posted in dinner, events, lunch, mexican, restaurants, travel on June 19, 2009 by nosferatofu

national archives!

Back from Washington DC and what a fun time I had! I had front row seats for the keynote speaker of the conference – Colin Powell. He was really inspiring!

Now, on to the food. Washington DC has the most excellent food options of any city I’ve been to. Cuisine from all over the world was only a short walk from my hotel, and I did my best to try as many as possible. Which only amounted to a few, but the conference kept me busy!

guacamole @ Oyamel

Sunday night, after walking to the mall, which is where the Washington Monument and the White House are located, we went to a wonderful Mexican/Tapas restaurant called Oyamel. They had a decent number of vegetarian dishes but only 1 vegan dish, aside from the guacamole. It didn’t matter though….it was the best guacamole I have ever tasted, and we ended up ordering 4 bowls.

banquet at decatur house

Monday night we had dinner at the Decatur House, which was originally the closest residence to the White House. The banquet was exquisite, and they were nice enough to give me, aside from the salad, a heaping plate of steamed asparagus and carrots. The salad was outstanding.

zambian embassy H'ors D'oeuvres

Prior to dinner at the Decatur House, we stopped at the Zambian Embassy for drinks and H’ors D’oeuvres. Pictured in my hand is a flower petal, topped with a slice of grapefruit and sweet mustard. All the other ones had a pine nut nestled in there also, but that particular one didn’t.

ethiopian lunch

On Tuesday (June 16), which was my 30th birthday, I walked to the less tourist section to check out one of the popular Ethiopian restaurants, Etete. I probably looked funny trying to eat with no utensils, but it was lots of fun, very messy and very tasty. I ate my lunch so quick that I forgot to take a picture of my lunch, so the people sitting next to me were nice enough to let me photograph theirs. I don’t know exactly what they got, but it was from the vegetable section of the menu.

Finally, my most favorite photograph… standing on the podium of the circulation desk in the reading room of the Library of Congress. What a dream come true!

library of congress circ desk

Wetlands Hike, Shoes and Washington DC

Posted in clothing, events, travel on June 12, 2009 by nosferatofu

bolsa chica wetlands

As usual, it has been a busy past few weeks! Tomorrow very early in the morning I will catch a plane to Washington DC for a conference, and I’ll be there till Wednesday June 17. On my birthday, June 16, I will attend a VIP dinner at the Library of Congress! Its like the Mecca of the U.S. library world. I’ll be attending several Healthy Eating/Nutritional seminars while at the conference, as well as an Ethics session on how to make better humanitarian and environmental decisions at work.

Last Friday I went on a beautiful hike with my cousin to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands near my house. This is a well-known section of land, locally at least. There have been legal battles for years over whether to keep it natural or to put some crappy housing developments on it. I think you can guess where I stand. It is so close to where I live, right on the beach, that I plan to go at least once each week for a long walk.

I also got myself some new shoes. My old converse had holes in them, the soles were coming apart, and they gave me an overall shabby appearance, so I picked up some new ones. My old ones were by No Sweat, which is an awesome company that uses nothing but sustainable vegan products in making their shoes, and they even come with a balance sheet to show the fair wages that their workers receive, along with benefits. But I can’t find that brand anymore, and I’m trying to stop ordering things from far away, so I picked up some traditional Converse shoes. Not quite as comfortable as my trusty No Sweat shoes, but they’re working out nicely.


I’ve been cooking but not photographing 😦 I made an AWESOME asparagus dish last night but I was busy talking to my cousin, and focused on finishing the meal so we could make it to the movie theater on time, I forgot to take pictures. At least the movie (Angels & Demons) was good!

Till next time…..

For the Veg*n Traveler

Posted in travel with tags , on March 13, 2009 by nosferatofu

A friend shared this on her blog and I thought I would share as well, for non-meat eaters who read this and like to travel.

International Vegetarian Union

It has common sentences in a range of languages to help in the ordering of food.

There is only one glaring omission…..they don’t include jive. So I took the liberty of translating some of the phrases.

I duzn’t feed da bud meat, fish, o’ dairy – I don’t eat meat, fish, or dairy
I am some vegetarian (vegan) – I am a vegetarian (vegan)
Give me some boogie, fish counts as meat too. Right On! – Give me a break, fish counts as meat too!
Get dat meat off mah’ plate befo’e ah’ slap ya’ downside da damn ‘haid! – Get that meat off my plate before I slap you upside the head!