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Heinz Beans on Bagel

I hope everyone is having a fun October and a fun Halloween weekend.  I’m spending a more quiet time at home, no parties or clubs this year, although I’m tempted to go on Halloween to a club.  I did have a glass of wine and watched The Vampire Journals last night 🙂

Anyway, above is what I had for dinner last night.  Heinz Beans on a sesame bagel with lentil soup.  All bought from the local British grocery.  Very good and totally filling.

And below, is one of my lunches this week.  Veggie meatball sammich topped with daikon sprouts, chives and daiya cheese.
Meatball Sammich

This Halloween season has been Lovecraft in theme.  Started October with a movie party at my place to watch Dagon, a film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.  To keep with the theme, I’ve been reading another collection of his stories, called Dreams of Terror and Death.  Excellent book.  And I was going to share the song “Every Day Is Halloween” by Ministry, but that’s a bit cliche for me, so instead I’ll share a great Rudimentary Peni song, titled after one of Lovecraft’s imaginary places.


To Live and Dine in LA

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I kicked off the weekend on Friday when I met a friend at Native Foods for dinner.

Yesterday I went to my mom and grandma’s for a nice homecooked dinner… chicken cutlets, grilled asparagus and red potatoes.

Today (sunday)…..pancakes for breakfast and because breakfast is good anytime, country tofu scramble with fakin’ bacon tempeh strips for dinner.

I went out to a Smiths/Morrissey club in Los Angeles with my awesome bellydancing, multi-talented friend (and general partner in crime), Irene. We met our friend Karla and her boyfriend there. Lots of fun in Echo Park….lots of lame hipsters too! Irene and I cut out of the club a bit early so we could head around the corner to a historic cafe called The Brite Spot for some post-club munchies.

bagel burger

They have some great vegetarian and vegan items, and we both got the bagel burger with soy patty, onions, dairy-free cream cheese and chipotle veganaise. And we finished it off with a vegan chocolate lava cake.

lava cake

Epic noms for an epic weekend!

I also go a new car on Saturday lol.


and……tomorrow I’ll be going back to Native Foods for more labor day feasting…….

Huntington Library

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karla and irene

Met my friends Karla and Irene out in Pasadena for a day of fun filled adventure at the Huntington Library. I packed my camera and was excited to do some photography that doesn’t involve my parrots!

Well…..we got there and…..they weren’t open to the public. Their web site is misleading and generally sucks on the information delivery. I guess the first Thursday of each month is open to members and advance ticket purchasers only. So….keep that in mind if you ever visit the Huntington Library.

We did walk around for a bit in the fancy neighborhoods surrounding the library, and I snapped a few pictures. Then we went to a really nice cafe nearby and all got the grilled vegetable panini sandwiches.

Very good! But I forgot to take pictures of the food.

Mmmmeatballs and Disneyland fun

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meatball sandwich w/daiya cheez

I decided to try that new Daiya cheez that everyone has been raving about and I must say it deserves every ounce of praise it gets. It melted so easily without even broiling it or otherwise cranking up the heat.

I sprinkled some on my veggie meatball sandwich the other day and it was delicious!

I’ve had this week off so I went to Disneyland with some friends. Lots of fun was had! I got my traditional mint julep that they only sell in New Orleans Square next to the Haunted Mansion (my favorite ride).


and because I can’t resist showing another photo I took with my awesome new camera and lens……..

Wishing everyone a fun safe and prosperous New Year!

Daikon Sprout Sandwich

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daikon sprout sandwich

Simple, bursting with flavor, and deeply satisfying.  Good words to describe this sandwich.  A co-worker brought me fresh daikon sprouts today, so as I was thinking about what I could do with them, my stomach started growling for lunch…….perfect opportunity!  So I went home and put this sandwich together with ingredients I had on hand (I’m lucky enough to work across the street from where I live).


french baguette

miso mayo



daikon sprouts

sliced pickle


pepperoncini peppers

salt & pepper to taste

daikon sprouts

Meatball Sammich!

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meatball sandwich2 

So I don’t know why, but periodically I go on a meatball sandwich kick. They just seem to pack a bunch of different things that I like, all in one delicious package. Also, they are totally easy to make, so on an evening when I’m just not in the mood to bust out all the fancy cookware, this is a good option. A pot and a bowl is about all you need.

So, run (don’t walk) down to your local grocery and pick up some veggieballs…..hmmm that just doesn’t sound right.  I’ll go with meatballs and trust everyone knows I’m not advocating the literal translation. Okay I need to stop thinking about this.



hotdog buns (I like the Ezekiel sprouted grain, but in the picture they are regular wheat buns because Whole Foods was all out of da sprouted)

follow your heart melting mozzarella

tomato sauce (I used Seeds of Change Tuscan Tomato and Garlic)

pepper (if you like extra flavor)


Just heat up the sauce in a pot, while that is happening, nuke your meatballs for a few minutes and you’re ready to roll.  I dusted the whole affair with nutritional yeast because I have a huge bucket in my pantry that needs to see some use.  And because I’m a nut, I added fresh sprouts as well.  Not very traditional, but I just finished a crop and needed to start eating them.

POW!  enjoy an easy meal 🙂