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My First Kombucha Batch

Posted in drinks, raw on April 22, 2011 by nosferatofu

Decanted my first (successful) batch of kombucha!  This took a lot longer to process than my first failed batch.  I used the GT Kombucha as the starter culture and their new version must be zapped in some way.  It has grown really slow and is still weak and anemic.  I thought maybe I just had a bum batch but my friend is having the same issue.

It seems to have brewed correctly though, and I probably left it going a few weeks too long….this is a really potent batch.  But it tastes pretty good.


SCOBY – the next generation

Posted in drinks, raw on March 11, 2011 by nosferatofu

So my last kombucha attempt ended in disaster when I discovered fruit fly larva all over the culture.  I was bummed… had fermented nicely and was ready to be enjoyed.  Except for the wriggling little bodies all over the SCOBY.

So this time I did not take the stupid advice of the people I got the instructions from.  They said to use a cheese cloth, which is what I did but the weave is too loose, which allowed the fruit fly to crawl in.  This time I used a paper towel with a rubber band to seal it.  Breathable but should keep the little critters out.

Hopefully this next batch will turn out well!

My Only Pepper

Posted in raw on February 3, 2011 by nosferatofu


So here is a picture of the only bell pepper that grew on my plant 😥

It has been growing for a while, then stopped, then started growing a bit more.  I think a small pot is just not big enough for this type of plant.  Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere larger to plant it.

I finally gave up and ate it last night.  It was tasty, if a bit anemic.  Actually all my garden plants took a nose dive.  Even my hardy curry plant is getting a little thin.

A pot is just not the right environment for plants.  They need the biology of a healthy, living soil.  Lesson learned!


Posted in dinner, holiday, lunch, raw, sandwich, soup, sprouts on October 30, 2010 by nosferatofu

Heinz Beans on Bagel

I hope everyone is having a fun October and a fun Halloween weekend.  I’m spending a more quiet time at home, no parties or clubs this year, although I’m tempted to go on Halloween to a club.  I did have a glass of wine and watched The Vampire Journals last night 🙂

Anyway, above is what I had for dinner last night.  Heinz Beans on a sesame bagel with lentil soup.  All bought from the local British grocery.  Very good and totally filling.

And below, is one of my lunches this week.  Veggie meatball sammich topped with daikon sprouts, chives and daiya cheese.
Meatball Sammich

This Halloween season has been Lovecraft in theme.  Started October with a movie party at my place to watch Dagon, a film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.  To keep with the theme, I’ve been reading another collection of his stories, called Dreams of Terror and Death.  Excellent book.  And I was going to share the song “Every Day Is Halloween” by Ministry, but that’s a bit cliche for me, so instead I’ll share a great Rudimentary Peni song, titled after one of Lovecraft’s imaginary places.


Posted in drinks, raw on April 30, 2010 by nosferatofu


Working from home today, and enjoying a satisfying glass of kombucha.  Very delicious and very good for you.

I got into a bit of a caffeine habit for a while, with all the tea I’ve been exploring, so in the past month I went back to no caffeine.  I was never allowed to have caffeine or soda as a kid, so I guess I never got too much into the caffeine drinks.  It doesn’t wake me up at all so there’s not much point to drink it.

As an alternative, I’ve drank kombucha in the morning for the past few years.  The fizzy effervescence really oxygenates your brain and wakes you up without the jolt.  And it tastes really good too.

So if you see bottled kombucha in your health food store (whole foods carries it), give it a try if you are curious.  Its a nice departure from the normal types of drinks out there.

Side note: my herb garden is sprouting nicely 🙂

cilantro sprout

Herb Garden

Posted in permaculture, raw, sprouts on April 17, 2010 by nosferatofu

planted herb seeds

Just planted the seeds for my herb garden. I’m excited to have fresh herbs growing very soon!

I planted:

  • chives
  • peppers
  • cilantro
  • basil

I have seeds for onions, parsley and broccoli for my next batch.

Veggie Sushi at Chomp!

Posted in asian, dinner, lunch, raw, restaurants, soup on January 10, 2010 by nosferatofu

miso soup + veggie sushi

Hey I’m updating more regularly!

After a fun day of shooting lots of reptile and motorcycle photos (strange combination, I know) I went with some friends to dinner at Chomp in downtown Fullerton. I love that area and I plan to move there when my current apartment lease is over in July.

Its a mostly meat eater place but they do have a nice sushi selection which is always easy to find meat-free options. So I got a veggie sushi and a bowl of miso soup. So many people think its “too hard” to be a vegan and I make it a point to show them I can get a good meal anywhere, if I have a bit of creativity and not shy to talk to the waiters about “off the menu” dishes I can custom order.

Today I spent waaaaay too much money at the grocery store and I got home to make hazelnut chocolate. Its cooling in the fridge so I’ll have to wait to share that till probably tomorrow but I’ll share it as soon as possible!