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Seabirds Food Truck

Posted in dessert, dinner, lunch, mexican, restaurants on July 24, 2012 by nosferatofu

The best vegan/vegetarian food truck in my area was at my work today for our health and fitness event.

I speed walked a 5k and then I enjoyed beer battered avocado tacos and a vegan nutella cupcake.

It was insanely delicious!



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I have been craving some Ethiopian food for a while now.  But there aren’t really any Ethiopian restaurants around here.

But last week I noticed the grocery store started carrying hand made Ethiopian food.  They have a variety of items, and I’ve only tried one of them so far.  Looking forward to trying more.

These ready made items come from an Ethiopian vegan restaurant in Los Angeles called Rahel Ethiopian.  Next time I’m in LA I hope to stop by there for lunch or dinner.

Good Food Coming Soon!

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beef.....the chicken of the sea

beef.....the chicken of the sea

This picture has nothing to do with this blog entry but I wanted to share some laughs 🙂  No idea what its supposed to mean though.

Did some epic shopping at the grocery store yesterday.  Lots of delicious food in store.  I promised myself as I was putting it all in the refrigerator that I wouldn’t forget to take pictures of the food this time.

Well…..I already failed…..forgot to take a photo of the vegan spinach lasagna I had for dinner last night.  Topped with basil leafs.  And garlic bread.  Soooooo good.

Well at least I have the rest of the week to make up for last night’s omission.  And tomorrow (Tuesday) I’m meeting a friend for some Thai food vegan dinner.  So….lots in store.

Until then……enjoy the cow and dolphin frolicking in the sea 🙂

Jury Duty

Posted in lunch, mexican, restaurants on November 18, 2010 by nosferatofu

veg burrito

On Monday I was summoned to the Santa Ana court house for jury service.

I’m one of those weirdos who hopes to get on a case.  I love the legal system and it is about as close as I can ever afford to get to law school.  So I always wanted to be selected for a trial, but so far no luck.

I did get an opportunity to walk around beautiful downtown Santa Ana on my 2 hour lunch break.  I got a tasty veggie burrito and then walked over to Gypsy Den for an iced mocha.

The people at the burrito place were completely baffled by the concept of not eating meat.  They were totally perplexed, like they had never heard such an outlandish notion.  And they still tried to bring me chicken soup haha.


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Heinz Beans on Bagel

I hope everyone is having a fun October and a fun Halloween weekend.  I’m spending a more quiet time at home, no parties or clubs this year, although I’m tempted to go on Halloween to a club.  I did have a glass of wine and watched The Vampire Journals last night 🙂

Anyway, above is what I had for dinner last night.  Heinz Beans on a sesame bagel with lentil soup.  All bought from the local British grocery.  Very good and totally filling.

And below, is one of my lunches this week.  Veggie meatball sammich topped with daikon sprouts, chives and daiya cheese.
Meatball Sammich

This Halloween season has been Lovecraft in theme.  Started October with a movie party at my place to watch Dagon, a film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.  To keep with the theme, I’ve been reading another collection of his stories, called Dreams of Terror and Death.  Excellent book.  And I was going to share the song “Every Day Is Halloween” by Ministry, but that’s a bit cliche for me, so instead I’ll share a great Rudimentary Peni song, titled after one of Lovecraft’s imaginary places.

Trip to Monterey

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Old Fisherman's Wharf

Got back late Wednesday night from Monterey.  I was there since Sunday for a library conference.

Had a great time and ate some great food 😉

British India Curry

Pictured above was an incredibly good Indian curry dish I got at a British Pub of all places.

…and some birdies
Birds on a Rock

….and a night shot I got when I had 2 margaritas and not completely sober 🙂
Old Whaling Station By Night

and another highway shot….i think this was also taken when i was not sober…..
Dockside Overpass

fun with lawrence and his family

Posted in lunch, restaurants on September 12, 2010 by nosferatofu
ava and me

ava and me

Last Sunday I met up with my long-time friend Lawrence, his wife, baby and in-laws (all cool people).  Ava is 8 months old already….wow time flies.  So cute too.

They were going to Native Foods, so I swung by to hang out and wander around SEED market with them.  Fun afternoon!