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Photo Gallery

Posted in events on July 11, 2012 by nosferatofu

My photos are up at the gallery coffee shop.  I guestimated how many would fit on their walls and I chose the perfect number of pictures to print, so I’m happy with that.  You can’t see all of the pictures in the photo above but you can see some of them at least.

And there will be a feature on the California State Parks Foundation blog as well.  Excited about that.

I had originally intended to have an art opening get together this coming weekend but but it’s coming too fast, so I’m going to shoot for Sunday July 22.  I’m kinda nervous about that though.  I’m just not a social butterfly.  I keep telling myself it’s for a good cause.

In other news, I am so freaking sleepy this morning and I don’t know why.  I went to bed at a decent hour; I shouldn’t have had such a problem waking up.  I am a morning person in many ways, except for the getting up early part.  My body must be so confused with me.

I have been enjoying this song lately (kinda NSFW)……


Vacation Fun

Posted in asian, dinner, events on July 9, 2012 by nosferatofu

David J from Bauhaus singing Bela Lugosi’s Dead

I took another vacation this past week because the one I took a few weeks ago just wasn’t long enough.  I do feel more rested now, kinda.

Or maybe just okay with going back to work because except for today, I’ve spent my whole vacation running around getting my photo prints ready for the art show.

Today was my planned day of relaxation, so I slept in, played WoW for a few hours, got lunch at Veggie Grill and then saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Last night I went with some friends to the Pioneers of Goth concert.

Before the show I took my friend Irene to Pho Veggie (Thuyen Vien) for her birthday dinner.  We had soy garlic chicken, banana wrap appetizer and lemon pepper fried tofu, and fried rice.  SO GOOD.

chillin on the couches before the show…..

Vegan Food and Fun

Posted in asian, dinner, events, restaurants on April 29, 2012 by nosferatofu

As an early Mother’s Day gift, on Friday I took my mom out to dinner at Au Lac, a popular Asian themed vegan restaurant in my area.  They specialize in raw, which is good, but not really my thing.  We got a soy beef steak with asparagus and brown rice, fried tofu with pepper, and kung pao chicken.  I don’t normally eat so much soy, but this was a special occasion 🙂

They were out of their awesome choconut xtacy dessert, so we tried a rainbow fruit type thing, and I got an avocado parfait.  It was seriously delicious.

My main reason for taking my mom out to dinner was to get her in the area of a particular Barnes & Noble where there was going to be a book signing by the vegan chef for Ellen DeGeneres.  My mom likes to watch the Ellen show, and earlier in the week he was on there talking about  his new cookbook, Vegan Cooking for Carnivores, that was coming out and I said I would get it for her for mother’s  day.  So when I was going to go to the bookstore to pick it up, I saw he was doing a book signing.  What a coincidence!

It was a lot of fun and the  chef is really nice.  I ended up meeting his wife and son, who were very nice as well.  The cookbook has some incredible recipes, and is now my favorite cookbook….and finally…..a vegan cookbook written by a guy!

Check it out, the recipes are seriously great.  All in all, it was a really nice Friday night.

To Live and Die in LA

Posted in events on April 11, 2011 by nosferatofu

bar sinister

Sadly, a friend died last week.  A fellow vegan, rocker and animal lover.

The first and only time I met her was at a Morrissey club in Hollywood this past September.  She was an incredibly nice and good person.  She was more a friend of a friend but also one of those people you can only meet once and feel a good connection with.

So it has been a sad week.  Instead of flowers and such, a memorial donation fund was opened in her honor, which would go as donations to Animal Acres.

This reminds me to enjoy life and have fun.  I don’t have any pictures of myself with her, so I’m just sharing a picture of a fun night I had a while back with one of my best friends.  We were in Hollywood at a club, having a great time – and that’s what life is all about!

Easter Feast

Posted in dinner, events, holiday, lunch, tofu on April 5, 2010 by nosferatofu


I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend (whether you celebrate it or not).

I had probably one of the most relaxed weekends I’ve had in years. Only met with some friends for coffee on Friday night, and the rest of the weekend I stayed home. That’s a big deal for me…..2 nights in a row that I stayed home.

I didn’t do much cooking but I did blow a ton of money at the supermarket this week. Gotta love pay week 🙂
I bought a bunch of kombucha, as well as a bunch of herbal teas. I kinda got off track and have been drinking caffeinated teas which I don’t like to do… no more caffeine for me.


Had a nice Easter get-together with my family. My aunts made some really good vegan salads and of course hummus….my favorite. My mom made a delicious casserole using Daiya cheese, soyrizo, potatoes, tofu and soy breakfast links. Some onions and a few other ingredients too.

cucumber salad potato-salad

Dinner at Madeline Bistro

Posted in asian, dinner, events, lunch, restaurants, soup, sprouts, tofu on March 15, 2010 by nosferatofu


Went to a musical performance (or as they put it, a “co-formance”) last night in Hollywood. It was a kundalini yoga event with chanting and mantras and kriyas and it was incredible.   From the opening “Ong Namo” song to the end with “saaaaaaat naaam” it was one of the most uplifting and spiritual events I’ve ever attended.

Snatam Kaur performed, along with Guru Ganesha and special guest Gurmukh from Golden Bridge Yoga.  So much fun and uplifting!!! (left to right in photo: Gurmukh standing, leading a kriya, Guru Ganesha, Snatam, and their percussionist)

madeline bistro

Since we’d be in LA, I figured it would be a good opportunity to check out a vegan restaurant in the area, and lucky enough Madeline Bistro wasn’t too far away.  I ordered the Thai Red Curry and Kara got the Deconstructed Gumbo.

thai curry deconstructed gumbo

I’ve read so many rave reviews about the place and all I can say is that, despite all the highest praise, even that doesn’t do it justice. The entire menu looked incredible. The food was to die for. The atmosphere and staff were friendly and helpful.

Overall, it was one of the best dining experiences I have had in years.

kara eying my curry =)

kara eying my curry

Buddhist Dinner

Posted in asian, dinner, events, lunch, restaurants, soup, sprouts, tofu on January 21, 2010 by nosferatofu

This past Saturday I hosted a veg meetup at the wonderful Buddhist restaurant, Bo Di Tinh Tam Chay.

This dinner proved to be quite popular, with about 30 people attending. Its a great place with wonderful atmosphere and very nicely decorated. We were there for about 3 hours and lots of great conversation took place.

I had the curry chicken dish but the various soups looked so delicious I kinda wished I had tried one of those!