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Upon a Midnight Dreary

Posted in clothing on July 14, 2012 by nosferatofu

They have featured Serpentine Clothing on their site.  Pretty cool!

Serpentine Clothing is a business that my best friend started.  I’m a partner/collaborator – he designs the clothes, vends and handles the business, I do all the photography and web design.

I only wish they would have linked to the actual web site and not the Etsy site, but a pretty good chunk of sales comes from the Etsy site, about 40%.

Will be doing another photo shoot the last weekend of July.  I’d like to do another cemetery shoot, but this time without the relatives showing up while the model is laying on the grave!


New Boots

Posted in clothing on July 2, 2012 by nosferatofu

When I stopped wearing leather 5 years ago, I gave all of my boots to goodwill, except for the nylon 20 holes that are mostly made out of that seat belt material.  I immediately got a pair of non-leather Docs, which is what I wear day to day.

I especially miss my buckle boots though, so finally after all this time I decided to get a new pair of 20 holes, and I figured what the heck, why not get some 14 holes to replace my leather ones that I also gave away.

But let me tell you, finding decent non-leather boots is HARD.  There are plenty of cheap ass non-leather boots out there, but they all look really cheesy, with spikes and “punk” trim, and universally have a 2 inch sole for the stilt walker effect.  Blech.

After much searching, I found some boots that I really liked.  One is by a UK company that hand makes boots, so you can specify the material, and they offered synthetic leather as an option.  Score!

And the 14 holes I got are Demonia but they look to be pretty good quality and not uber cheesy. *update: they are REALLY comfortable and very nice quality material, good texture and feel*  My nylon 20 holes are also Demonia, and I got them for like $40 at Hot Topic about 10 years ago.  They have held up well, and I continue to wear them whenever I go out and feel like dressing up.

So the 14 holes I got at which is a really awesome shop.  Nice to support small businesses too.

And I can’t really pronounce the name of the place I got the 20’s from…but it’s called

I also got these New Rocks from  I was watching Alien Resurrection and they wear similar boots in that movie, and I finally gave in after  years of lusting after these boots.

Wetlands Hike, Shoes and Washington DC

Posted in clothing, events, travel on June 12, 2009 by nosferatofu

bolsa chica wetlands

As usual, it has been a busy past few weeks! Tomorrow very early in the morning I will catch a plane to Washington DC for a conference, and I’ll be there till Wednesday June 17. On my birthday, June 16, I will attend a VIP dinner at the Library of Congress! Its like the Mecca of the U.S. library world. I’ll be attending several Healthy Eating/Nutritional seminars while at the conference, as well as an Ethics session on how to make better humanitarian and environmental decisions at work.

Last Friday I went on a beautiful hike with my cousin to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands near my house. This is a well-known section of land, locally at least. There have been legal battles for years over whether to keep it natural or to put some crappy housing developments on it. I think you can guess where I stand. It is so close to where I live, right on the beach, that I plan to go at least once each week for a long walk.

I also got myself some new shoes. My old converse had holes in them, the soles were coming apart, and they gave me an overall shabby appearance, so I picked up some new ones. My old ones were by No Sweat, which is an awesome company that uses nothing but sustainable vegan products in making their shoes, and they even come with a balance sheet to show the fair wages that their workers receive, along with benefits. But I can’t find that brand anymore, and I’m trying to stop ordering things from far away, so I picked up some traditional Converse shoes. Not quite as comfortable as my trusty No Sweat shoes, but they’re working out nicely.


I’ve been cooking but not photographing 😦 I made an AWESOME asparagus dish last night but I was busy talking to my cousin, and focused on finishing the meal so we could make it to the movie theater on time, I forgot to take pictures. At least the movie (Angels & Demons) was good!

Till next time…..

118 degrees

Posted in clothing, dinner, raw, restaurants with tags , , , , , , , on February 13, 2008 by nosferatofu

Tonight I finally had dinner at 118 degrees. I’ve been very excited about this all week, and I have to say flat out, it was better than I was expecting.

Since she has become vegetarian, my mom has been pretty adventurous with food, and so I met up with her after work. I think she liked it even more than I did, if that’s possible.

I had the trio of enchiladas with a lemon apple ginger drink. My mom had the golden tostada. It wasn’t just dinner, it would be better described as an interactive social event. Everyone in the restaurant was looking with admiration at what other people at other tables had ordered, and everyone was talking to each other to find out what they had ordered. I ended up talking to the family to my left, and the son, who was about my age, ended up ordering the enchiladas as well as the same drink as me because it looked so good. His parents ordered a similar dish to what my mom had.

We talked to the group on our right as well. Best of all, almost all of their ingredients are locally produced and organic.

It was probably the most unique dining experience I have ever had, and OH MY GOD it was so delicious! Yay raw food!

Before dinner I stopped by Humanitaire to buy some high top shoes, and I ended up buying not only those (they were only $25…and sweatshop free!) but also a new pair of 8 hole docs……the non-leather variety. My docs that I am retiring are about 13 or 14 years old, so I figure this is a justified investment.