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Sunday Cleaning

Posted in birds on December 19, 2011 by nosferatofu

molly inspecting
“this monitorz so durty, it does not pass inspecshun, u messy human.  i halp you fix it.”

Yesterday I was feeling under the weather, so instead of going to the Yule celebration with the Pagans of the Dale group, I stayed home and relaxed.  Well…..kinda relaxed.

I took some time to get some much needed cleaning in, and ran a few really short, quick errands.  Molly was a firecracker the whole time.  She was so excited that it was cleaning day and probably the new toys and perch helped with her excitement as well.

She was hopping from one place to another, supervising my activities and providing some correction if I was doing it wrong….

molly cleaning
“silly human dis is how u clean, ima show u how iz done”

So….thanks to Molly, I now have a clean computer desk, and Molly has a clean cage and some new toys and a fancy new bendable perch 🙂

And the other birds……they just watched with amusement, played with their new toys, and at dinner time they got warm mashed sweet potato with oats, broccoli, kale, veggie pasta, carrots, corn and quinoa.

Kashi with a beak full of sweet potato 🙂

sweet potato kashi


bird photos

Posted in birds on August 31, 2010 by nosferatofu

I haven’t gotten out much to take some photos, so my recent stuff has been of my birds.  I’ll be going to a nice historic library in a few days, so new pictures will be coming soon!

Here are a few recent ones…….

double trouble

archimedes love

kashi roll

kashi bird eating


matcha coconut iced tea

Posted in birds, drinks on August 31, 2010 by nosferatofu

matcha coconut iced

Nothing much new to say.  I’ll be meeting a friend in downtown Fullerton at a tea house for some refreshing matcha coconut iced tea 🙂

I got a curry plant about a month ago….it smells really good!

curry plant

My birds have been keeping me entertained too!  Hopefully I’ll have more food stuff to share soon 🙂

MY pingu!

My Life Is For The Birds

Posted in birds on June 13, 2010 by nosferatofu

just hangin out

Been having lots of fun since my birds came home 3 weeks ago.

Molly bird is a lap sponge.  She loves all the attention she can get and goes crazy for anyone who comes over to visit.  She barks like a dog and does all kinds of other funny stuff.

The baby Ringnecks are fun to play with and they are getting around their cage really well.  Kashi, the sweet one got vicious with my hand this morning.  She has never been mean before but this morning she attacked my hand.  Not sure why, maybe she still wanted to sleep?  After taking a few bites out of my hand (it hurt) I kept holding her beak and she realized she wasn’t getting anywhere with biting me and she calmed down.

I think its just a phase they go through called Bluffing but they are a little too young to hit that stage yet, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

They eat lots of good vegetables and herbs though.  I keep forgetting to take a photo of their meals…..really quite good!  They especially love bell peppers.  They go crazy for it.

Here’s a video of Molly being silly……