New Boots

When I stopped wearing leather 5 years ago, I gave all of my boots to goodwill, except for the nylon 20 holes that are mostly made out of that seat belt material.  I immediately got a pair of non-leather Docs, which is what I wear day to day.

I especially miss my buckle boots though, so finally after all this time I decided to get a new pair of 20 holes, and I figured what the heck, why not get some 14 holes to replace my leather ones that I also gave away.

But let me tell you, finding decent non-leather boots is HARD.  There are plenty of cheap ass non-leather boots out there, but they all look really cheesy, with spikes and “punk” trim, and universally have a 2 inch sole for the stilt walker effect.  Blech.

After much searching, I found some boots that I really liked.  One is by a UK company that hand makes boots, so you can specify the material, and they offered synthetic leather as an option.  Score!

And the 14 holes I got are Demonia but they look to be pretty good quality and not uber cheesy. *update: they are REALLY comfortable and very nice quality material, good texture and feel*  My nylon 20 holes are also Demonia, and I got them for like $40 at Hot Topic about 10 years ago.  They have held up well, and I continue to wear them whenever I go out and feel like dressing up.

So the 14 holes I got at which is a really awesome shop.  Nice to support small businesses too.

And I can’t really pronounce the name of the place I got the 20’s from…but it’s called

I also got these New Rocks from  I was watching Alien Resurrection and they wear similar boots in that movie, and I finally gave in after  years of lusting after these boots.


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