Sunday Cleaning

molly inspecting
“this monitorz so durty, it does not pass inspecshun, u messy human.  i halp you fix it.”

Yesterday I was feeling under the weather, so instead of going to the Yule celebration with the Pagans of the Dale group, I stayed home and relaxed.  Well…..kinda relaxed.

I took some time to get some much needed cleaning in, and ran a few really short, quick errands.  Molly was a firecracker the whole time.  She was so excited that it was cleaning day and probably the new toys and perch helped with her excitement as well.

She was hopping from one place to another, supervising my activities and providing some correction if I was doing it wrong….

molly cleaning
“silly human dis is how u clean, ima show u how iz done”

So….thanks to Molly, I now have a clean computer desk, and Molly has a clean cage and some new toys and a fancy new bendable perch 🙂

And the other birds……they just watched with amusement, played with their new toys, and at dinner time they got warm mashed sweet potato with oats, broccoli, kale, veggie pasta, carrots, corn and quinoa.

Kashi with a beak full of sweet potato 🙂

sweet potato kashi


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