My First Kombucha Batch

Decanted my first (successful) batch of kombucha!  This took a lot longer to process than my first failed batch.  I used the GT Kombucha as the starter culture and their new version must be zapped in some way.  It has grown really slow and is still weak and anemic.  I thought maybe I just had a bum batch but my friend is having the same issue.

It seems to have brewed correctly though, and I probably left it going a few weeks too long….this is a really potent batch.  But it tastes pretty good.


2 Responses to “My First Kombucha Batch”

  1. Bendflextwist Says:

    GT’s Kombucha is not an authentic Kombucha culture. It is a lactobacillus ( dairy) version which is not a strong symbiosis of yeast and bacteria. You should use a High Country Kombucha Origional bottle and you will have better success. You can also learn more about their bacteria strains from their label. I have even heard they will help you brew if you write their contact page.

    • I love High Country and I drink their kombucha as well. I just buy the flavors I like, and I love the citrus flavor of the GT Kombucha. That’s my favorite flavor but I also like the aloe and original flavor from High Country. GT Kombucha isn’t the greatest to use any more as a starter culture, as it has been pasteurized or something, which makes a weaker culture, but they are required to do that by law now, due to that stupid investigation that happened a year or two ago because of the “alcohol content” of kombucha.

      I was also making kefir water for a while but eventually it started making me sick to my stomach for some reason.

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