My Only Pepper


So here is a picture of the only bell pepper that grew on my plant 😥

It has been growing for a while, then stopped, then started growing a bit more.  I think a small pot is just not big enough for this type of plant.  Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere larger to plant it.

I finally gave up and ate it last night.  It was tasty, if a bit anemic.  Actually all my garden plants took a nose dive.  Even my hardy curry plant is getting a little thin.

A pot is just not the right environment for plants.  They need the biology of a healthy, living soil.  Lesson learned!


4 Responses to “My Only Pepper”

  1. Well, one pepper is better than no peppers! It’s a cute pepper too, so you get some extra points. You are right though, plants appreciate living soil. Have you used the curry leaves from your plant?

    • Glad you like it! I thought it looked pretty cool, with the half green and red thing going on.

      I haven’t tried the curry leaves yet but the plant smells so good, I just sit and smell it all day long!

  2. I grow chili, basil, curry leaves and screw pine leaves in pots as well and you’re right. They need good mother earth soil. It’s just different.

    Having said that, YAY for the solo pepper! It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it? 😀

    Oh btw, curry leaves are hard to grow. They dry out quite easily. If you do make like a mixed veg tempura, add lots of curry leaves to the batter. It takes it to another level.

    • Ooh that sounds awesome! I haven’t really known what to do with the curry leaves lol.

      Strangely, the curry has done the best out of all my plants. Even with the other plants dying, the curry is doing okay. Just a bit dry, but not dying like the others.

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