New Year, New Goals

So far, so good. Been doing photography, not much cooking. Playing with my birds and strengthening my yoga practice. Looking forward to getting out this weekend for some photos. This week has been rather crazy, so haven’t done any photography since last weekend. Boooo.

I’m trying to keep this blog more current, even if it isn’t anything profound that I’m typing. I’ve also been spending a lot of time thinking about where I want my photography and creative pursuits to go. I’m looking at galleries and thinking of making prints and such. The idea of coming up with a price for selling my work is daunting and very distasteful. I don’t like charging, I’ll just say that. So hopefully I can find a middle ground where I’m happy and anyone who might be interested in my art can be happy too. What matters to me is sharing my vision with people, anyone who cares to look, at least.

Okay…..this is just a rambling post so I’ll end it now.

Hope everyone’s year is going well so far!


3 Responses to “New Year, New Goals”

  1. I am really enjoying your latest photographs. Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world taking photographs (and somehow magically keep a bank account full enough to continue traveling)? That’s my dream right now 🙂

    Hope your birds are doing well. My new year has been full of yoga and photography too. Although, cooking and baking takes up a considerable amount of time as well.

    • Would be so cool to travel and take photography! That’s my goal for this year, to travel more and take photos 🙂

      I wish I could do more cooking, I’m not really allowed into the kitchen right now though haha.

  2. Would love to talk about the ideas for the creatives and the economics.

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