Yule Holidays

Hello, I am here to announce that I have been slacking with the cooking.  I’m generally banned from the kitchen in my new, temporary place I’m living at, so that makes it hard to try new things to cook.

I did get an awesome cookbook from a friend, by the incredible Isa Chandra who wrote the Veganomicon.  This new one is called Appetite for Reduction.  Lots of incredible recipes.

So….no new food pics.  What have I been doing with my spare time?  Still being creative, of course.  I’ve been indulging my love for taking landscape photos, especially moody beach shots, as seen above.

And whenever I’m out there on the beach, dodging unpredictable waves and sea spray wind, I always have this song in my head haha.

Hopefully my next entry will bring new food to share, and I hope everyone had a nice holiday season 🙂


2 Responses to “Yule Holidays”

  1. Landscape photography is a passion of mine too. I think it provides more creative opportunities than food photography. Your moody beach photo is incredible – it translates so much emotion.

    • Thank you! I do enjoy food photography but there’s just nothing as breathtaking or satisfying as a good landscape shot.

      I really enjoy your photos as well. They are one of my big motivations for getting out and going hiking….although I still haven’t gone to some of the cool places you’ve been to.

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