Dinner at Kobe Steakhouse


Went out with my family to celebrate the 3 day weekend at Kobe Steakhouse. It is one of those hibachi style places where they cook in front of you and do all kinds of cool acrobatics (pictured above, he made an onion volcano).

I got the Vegetarian Delight with miso soup and fried rice. It was really good! There were also chunks of fried tofu to go with the vegetables.


2 Responses to “Dinner at Kobe Steakhouse”

  1. NOICE!

    Oh cool….look at that onion volcano!!! (am easily impressed)

    They have one in Honolulu and I used to pass it but I never went in cause there is a gazillion Japanese joints there. So lil’ stomach, so much to eat!

    I’ve been craving Japanese this whole week and I’ve had it twice. Gosh I hope to have it for dinner tonight!

    • I know what you mean! I need 2 stomachs to keep up with all the foods I want to try!

      I love Japanese food, unfortunately I never eat it very often. I am going to a Shabu Shabu restaurant next weekend, I think that’s Japanese?

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