To Live and Dine in LA


I kicked off the weekend on Friday when I met a friend at Native Foods for dinner.

Yesterday I went to my mom and grandma’s for a nice homecooked dinner… chicken cutlets, grilled asparagus and red potatoes.

Today (sunday)…..pancakes for breakfast and because breakfast is good anytime, country tofu scramble with fakin’ bacon tempeh strips for dinner.

I went out to a Smiths/Morrissey club in Los Angeles with my awesome bellydancing, multi-talented friend (and general partner in crime), Irene. We met our friend Karla and her boyfriend there. Lots of fun in Echo Park….lots of lame hipsters too! Irene and I cut out of the club a bit early so we could head around the corner to a historic cafe called The Brite Spot for some post-club munchies.

bagel burger

They have some great vegetarian and vegan items, and we both got the bagel burger with soy patty, onions, dairy-free cream cheese and chipotle veganaise. And we finished it off with a vegan chocolate lava cake.

lava cake

Epic noms for an epic weekend!

I also go a new car on Saturday lol.


and……tomorrow I’ll be going back to Native Foods for more labor day feasting…….


6 Responses to “To Live and Dine in LA”

  1. That doesn’t look like something with “more room” — that looks like a Mazda 3 with a sport package or something… 🙂 Congrats!

    • Lol it does have more room and 4 doors, which is a lot more than my last car but I’ll admit… is the sport version so its also fast and handles great. I’m a sucker for fast cars 🙂

  2. *drool* that chocolate lava cake looks soooo good.

    Haha yeah, Sweden is usually pretty cold unless you hit high summer (end of june-august), but same thing goes for Norway.
    I love the seasons we have, the cold is welcome every year and I love wrapping myself up with a scarf, have a cozy beanie and just smell the fall in the air. Every time it snows I become happy like a three-year-old. ^^

  3. Good to know I have a sweet ride to sit in when I visit and will be riding in style to the Brite Spot 😉

  4. Totally! You would love The Brite Spot. It has a really cool vibe to it, and lots of night life people wandering around having a good time in that whole area.

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