Out and About

Despite my best intentions, I haven’t been cooking too much lately.  Meals are usually quick and delicious curry affairs.

I have also been going crazy over this local hummus I found at the farmer’s market.  So sometimes for dinner, I’ll just chow down on 3 different kinds of hummus and a couple of pitas.

My bird, Molly, likes to nibble on the pitas as well, which makes me happy because she’s a picky eater and any grain I can get into her is a plus in my book.

I have been taking pictures of meals though……

Last week I went to a British tea room for lunch (and tea). The awesome shop owner made me an authentic Heinz beans on toast dish, and it was freakin’ good. This isn’t the crappy American Heinz beans, but the British version which is much better and higher quality.

Heinz beans and toast

At their shop I bought a can of vegetarian haggis, to make that evening for dinner and movie night with my cousin. I heated up the haggis, mixed in a bit of olive oil and seitan, and fried up some rosemary garlic potatoes. Added some good German rye bread and the meal was absolutely incredible.

Not the most photogenic dish, so I figured I’d share a pic of the can instead.

vegetarian haggis


2 Responses to “Out and About”

  1. OOOh, that looks really good! It’s moments like these I regret having a boyfriend who is crazy-picky when it comes to food (I basically eat anything, except for olives… And some kind of fish I don’t remember the name of). Then I stop regretting having a picky boyfriend and instead curse whichever higher power that cursed me with the ability of putting a kitchen on fire just by looking at a frying pan.

    • I used to be super picky eating when I was still eating meat. Now I’m not so picky.

      I’ll be honest….lately I’ve mostly been microwaving and doing light sautee dinners. Or cereal is a good one for dinner too 🙂

      I don’t think I could imagine Oskar as a vegetarian or much less a vegan ^_^

      You’ll both have to show me some good places to eat in Oslo whenever I make it over there. Hoping next summer I can swing up that way while I’m visiting my family in Germany.

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