Photoshoot….with the birds

i gave them all a bath the other day and they each had their own unique reaction i had to get out the camera to document it.

antisocial archimedes LOVED the mist bottle…..he opened his wings and totally got into it.  afterward he sat so regal, like he was top bird.

archimedes portrait

kashi bird tolerated it for a while then decided she had enough of this clean business and trundled over to a corner to fix her feathers.

feather preening

molly HATED the mist bottle…..ran from it like a little chicken, all the way out of the bedroom and into the living room where she hid under my computer chair!  that’s her safe zone when on the floor.  when i finally convinced her to come back she sat on my lap and chewed her toe nervously……

molly britches

in other news…..i totally scored at the downtown Fullerton farmer’s market today……3 tubs of hummus for $10! vegan curry, avocado cilantro and artichoke garlic. the hummus guy was soooo greek and looked like adam sandler!



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