Mother’s Day and other Adventures

vegan fritatta

My whole family gathered at my mom’s house for Mother’s Day.  The weather was nice, and the day was relaxing.

I’ve been lazy lately so I didn’t cook anything.  But my mom cooked an awesome meal.  Vegan fritattas along with vegan chocolate chip pancakes and also cake with soy ice cream.

vegan cake

It was some good eatin’.

rose lemonade

I also met last Friday with my friend Annie at Loving Hut, which is a vegan Asian food place.  They have a few scattered around southern California.  The one we went to was in Orange, which was kind of an ugly location but I give them respect for doing their best to beautify their little area.  They built a small patio and decorated things very nicely.  It wasn’t thee best Asian food I’ve had but I’d go there again for sure.

One thing they had going very well was the rose lemonade.  That was pretty good.


2 Responses to “Mother’s Day and other Adventures”

  1. The frittata looks amazing!

  2. That sounds delicious!

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