Working from home today, and enjoying a satisfying glass of kombucha.  Very delicious and very good for you.

I got into a bit of a caffeine habit for a while, with all the tea I’ve been exploring, so in the past month I went back to no caffeine.  I was never allowed to have caffeine or soda as a kid, so I guess I never got too much into the caffeine drinks.  It doesn’t wake me up at all so there’s not much point to drink it.

As an alternative, I’ve drank kombucha in the morning for the past few years.  The fizzy effervescence really oxygenates your brain and wakes you up without the jolt.  And it tastes really good too.

So if you see bottled kombucha in your health food store (whole foods carries it), give it a try if you are curious.  Its a nice departure from the normal types of drinks out there.

Side note: my herb garden is sprouting nicely 🙂

cilantro sprout


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  1. […] started to get interested in the kombucha tea craze that’s sweeping the country.  My friend Eric has been drinking it for years and I never paid it much attention until I started hearing how expensive it was getting and how […]

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