Easter Feast


I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend (whether you celebrate it or not).

I had probably one of the most relaxed weekends I’ve had in years. Only met with some friends for coffee on Friday night, and the rest of the weekend I stayed home. That’s a big deal for me…..2 nights in a row that I stayed home.

I didn’t do much cooking but I did blow a ton of money at the supermarket this week. Gotta love pay week 🙂
I bought a bunch of kombucha, as well as a bunch of herbal teas. I kinda got off track and have been drinking caffeinated teas which I don’t like to do…..so no more caffeine for me.


Had a nice Easter get-together with my family. My aunts made some really good vegan salads and of course hummus….my favorite. My mom made a delicious casserole using Daiya cheese, soyrizo, potatoes, tofu and soy breakfast links. Some onions and a few other ingredients too.

cucumber salad potato-salad


6 Responses to “Easter Feast”

  1. I love the name of your (new) blog! And the layout is great, too! Those salads look great as do those blackberries!

  2. I love your pictures. Wow, you are a great food photographer.

  3. It’s wonderful that your family makes vegan dishes for you to enjoy!!!

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