Family Dinner

vegan cookies

This past Saturday my whole family got together for a family night. Dinner, movie and games.

We watched Kintergarten Cop. That movie is so funny with so many great lines, I haven’t seen it in forever and I had forgotten how funny Arnold Schwarzenegger can be!

We also played a round of Apples to Apples. Very fun game, it is best when you know the people fairly well.

I was very busy on Saturday before the get together; the school semester started that day so I was setting up my class online and also working on a business web page for a friend. So….I didn’t actually do much cooking but my mom did a great job.

shepherd pie

On the menu: Shepard Pie (my mom uses that Silken French Vanilla soy creamer to flavor the mashed potatoes and it is SO good), Salad and delicious vegan cookies.

salad rolls

I was so busy taking pictures of the food I didn’t take many pictures of the family, but of course my little cousin loves to pose for the camera (as kids do), so I got a few shots of him (and I couldn’t resist a flower photo):

andrew sipping flower


6 Responses to “Family Dinner”

  1. Vanilla soy creamer in a shepherd’s pie sounds interesting. Those cookies look good!

  2. It adds a very nice taste, very subtle. Definitely worth trying if you have never done that before!

  3. Is that Aruba Andrew??? He has such beautiful eyes!!!

  4. Looks like it was a great meal. I like your blog!

    Jenn, HeVe

  5. Hehe yup that’s my cousin I went to Aruba with. Yeah he has very bright blue eyes!

  6. I love to experiment with flavors.. but really, vanilla in sheppard pie?

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