Curry String Beans and Fried Tofu

curry string beans

I used to live in Long Beach, which is a fairly large city next to Los Angeles. It is a port city. I loved it there. I lived near the beach, in the arts district. That was while I was going to California State University Long Beach. Lots of cool artists and free thinkers and students of all stripes hanging around. It was also more or less the gay district, so needless to say there were lots of interesting people around, and it was a very inspiring place to live, artistically.

My favorite restaurant when I lived there 5 years ago was Chen’s. My room mate introduced me to it on the day we signed the rental papers for the place we had. Everything she recommended was delicious. And they have HUGE portions for a small price.

This past Wednesday I went back there for dinner for the first time since I left Long Beach. Did a photo shoot nearby with a friend and when it came time for dinner, I had the idea to check out my old stomping ground. I was worried they might not have anything for vegetarians and vegans but I was wonderfully surprised. They have a huge veg menu and it was even more delicious than the items I used to eat!

And a shot of Kara. Click on the photos to see the entire photo set ^_^

chens 8/365 no trespassing


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