Lunch at El Torito

veg fajitas

Today I went with coworkers to lunch. El Torito is great because they have delicious food and they do have some veg friendly items on the menu, which is more than can be said for most Americanized restaurants.

What’s more, they actually put effort into their vegetarian dishes. Most places, if they have a vegetarian dish at all is just an afterthought; some sad little platter they threw together from the condiments bucket.


So needless to say, I had a fabulous lunch and I’m still feeling quite full at dinner time! I ordered the Roasted Vegetable Fajita platter. Wow….my jaw dropped. Nice variety of vegetables including yams, potatoes, asparagus, carrots, bell peppers, onions and a few different types of squash. And topping that is a chile relleno filled with finer chopped vegetables (just have them leave out the manchego cheese).

Plus guacamole, a fruit salsa and vegetarian beans. AND…..chips and salsa! Yup, I ate well ^_^

fajita rack


3 Responses to “Lunch at El Torito”

  1. And we’re going here too!

  2. I’m always down for a meal at El Torito!

  3. Good. I hate party poopers!

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