Lasagna for Dinner


I’ve lately become a fan of photos taken with the iPhone. There’s even a book about it. Pretty cool and it does have a decent picture quality for a camera phone. The neat thing about it is that its small, can get to certain angles that a larger camera can’t, and you pretty much always have it with you.

When I go for my morning walks at work I often see something and say “darn I wish I had my camera”. Then one day I realized that on every walk I did have a camera with me, sitting in my pocket. So I started taking more photos with it. And I don’t feel guilty for doing that. It easy to get swept away in “megapixels” and fancy cameras but what matters is the shot. Even if its low quality, if its a good shot people will like it.

So anyway, my food photo for this entry isn’t exactly a good shot (bad lighting for one thing) but it was a delicious Sunday dinner. Spinach lasagna I picked up at Mother’s Market, topped with Seeds of Change Tuscan Tomato and Garlic pasta sauce, some chives and Daiya cheese. It was so satisfying!


3 Responses to “Lasagna for Dinner”

  1. I really like the bright red colour!

  2. When I get myself to your city…we’re heading to Mother’s Market.

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