Veggie Sushi at Chomp!

miso soup + veggie sushi

Hey I’m updating more regularly!

After a fun day of shooting lots of reptile and motorcycle photos (strange combination, I know) I went with some friends to dinner at Chomp in downtown Fullerton. I love that area and I plan to move there when my current apartment lease is over in July.

Its a mostly meat eater place but they do have a nice sushi selection which is always easy to find meat-free options. So I got a veggie sushi and a bowl of miso soup. So many people think its “too hard” to be a vegan and I make it a point to show them I can get a good meal anywhere, if I have a bit of creativity and not shy to talk to the waiters about “off the menu” dishes I can custom order.

Today I spent waaaaay too much money at the grocery store and I got home to make hazelnut chocolate. Its cooling in the fridge so I’ll have to wait to share that till probably tomorrow but I’ll share it as soon as possible!


5 Responses to “Veggie Sushi at Chomp!”

  1. Sushi should be served everywhere. It is something I could get totally addicted to. And please share the hazelnut chocolate, it sounds wonderful!

  2. You write well but all I saw in this post was…


  3. Sushi really should be served everywhere 🙂

    Yup….hazelnut chocolate…..I tasted some while it was still melted and it was really good.

    I’m going to chop it up and take some pictures when I get home from work today so I can share it 🙂

  4. Sushi!!!! Mmmmmmmm.

    We gotta go to this Fullerton place and eat together. Sounds good!

  5. Its delicious homie!

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