Santa Fe Good Stuff

santa fe good stuff

I’ve been loving this new item I tried recently called Santa Fe Good Stuff. It is really delicious, with a good sauce. I usually have one for lunch about once per week. If you see it in the store, give it a try!

And…..I’ll have some real recipes coming soon…..I have some recipe plans that I can’t wait to try this weekend.

and to promote a bit of discussion…..honey is a gray area of veganism. What are your thoughts on honey? I mostly use agave but recently I had a sinus infection and honey is great for fighting those. I did buy a jar of honey for the first time in years recently to help with the sinus infection, but I made sure it was cruelty-free and that respect is given to the bees. The honey I bought also does not follow the practice of moving bees around to keep them producing all year. Thoughts?



3 Responses to “Santa Fe Good Stuff”

  1. We eat lots of local honey. Local is best for us all because beyond the whole carbon footprint thing, local honey contains the good stuff that will help your allergies be less in the area you live. We are lucky in North Carolina that there are lots of good local producers — one of my yoga students just last night told me she was going to miss me for a few weeks because she and her partner are going to Bee School. Honey is what bees make. We can co-exist happily together and eat honey, and make more bees, and pollinate our gardens, which makes bees happy… a good circle. Watch Bee Movie — it’s horrible, but there’s a good message at the end.

  2. To me honey is not a grey area at all when it comes to veganism. Veganism means not to use animal products and honey is an animal product. It is taken away from bees who produce it to feed them and not us. If we take their honey we exploit them like we exploit other animals for leather, wool, meat, or milk. “Honey is what bees make.” is the same as “Milk is what cows make.”, if you as me.
    But of course, your health should come first. Whenever I suffer from sinus infections I use herbal teas and essential oils which have always helped me a lot. Inhaling those oils(especially eukalyptus) definitely clears your nose and takes away the headaches. Just fill a bowl with cooking water, put a few drops of oil into it, bow your head over the water bowl and cover it with a towel, so the steam doesn’t escape so fast.
    Drinking a lot is important too. My boyfried who very often suffers from sinus infections uses a neti pot and finds it very helpful.

  3. Interesting thoughts! Neti pots scare me but I’ve been curious to try them.

    I’m always on the fence with honey. Some of my family from Germany make their own honey and they go through a lot of effort to make sure the bees are not harmed. And I must say its very good honey when they bring some on their visits.

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