Thanksgiving Feast

moroccan pumpkin soup

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! What a feast it was. I recently bought a new cookbook called Olive Trees & Honey and I wanted to make the Moroccan Pumpkin Soup recipe for Thanksgiving.

Usually its a Tofurkey roast on the menu but I thought it would be nice to try something new, and this turned out to be absolutely AMAZING. It wasn’t too hard to make and for my first time making this recipe, it really turned out perfect. Everyone enjoyed it and my apartment smells wonderful from the soup simmering.


I changed the recipe a bit, adding kidney beans and butternut squash, as well as cumin for seasoning and seitan to give it a bit of a meaty element. I will be happily feasting on this for a few more days to come!


Above is a wonderful idea my aunt had, veggie wreaths. I’m so thankful that my family really makes an effort to create awesome veggie dishes.


6 Responses to “Thanksgiving Feast”

  1. Olive trees and honey is a great book. I love how scholarly it is written, and how full of interesting historical details it is.

    The soup looks amazing!

  2. So thaaaaaaaaaaat’s the infamous pumpkin soup.


  3. Seriously, you need to come over and cook with us so we can taste some of this!

  4. Definitely homie!

  5. update.



  6. i know! i’m the worst food blogger ever.

    i had lots of good stuff over the past few weeks and i always forget to take photos.

    i’ll be sure to remember next time!

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