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This morning I went to Eschenburg’s, the local German deli to pick up some of my favorite things to eat.  I got 2 Salzstangen (translated as salt sticks) or as my family calls them, Salzstangl.  I also picked up a type of pretzel bread (pictured on the right) which I always forget what is called.  I already ate the pretzel bread and one of the Stangen!  They are so good.

I also bought some of my favorite tea, pictured in the left.  It is a nice soothing tea to drink before bed called Gutnacht-Kräutertee.  Very delicious with a mix of various herbs including….er…..not sure what many of these are called in English, except for the Anis, Camomile and Peppermint.  It also contains Ringelblumen which is like a  miracle herb.  It works great for many things.

I am making for tonight, Krapfen (aka Berliner) and a Kugelhupf cake (pound cake or bundt cake I think it is also called), which I will share in a future entry!

I hope everyone has a very happy Halloween!


5 Responses to “Salzstangen”

  1. Mmmmmm… Bread and EB! I love finding out about new and different teas that aren’t widely available, makes a cup of tea all the more enjoyable! Hope your cake turned out well.

  2. I love Laugenstangen (as we call these). In fact, I am totally addicted to Laugen – everything How awesome you found them. I wish I could come over for some Krapfen and Guglhupf. Happy Halloween.

  3. Oh, yum! When I was a kid in Germany, my dad would go to the bakery every morning and bring home fresh bread and rolls. How great that you have a German deli so close by!

  4. We have a German bakery here in Durham called Guglhuph, which specializes in the Kugelhuph (or, Guglhuph). It’s a lovely cake. They also make magical bretzel sticks and bretzel knots, and myriad other great artisanal breads. BTW, ringelblume is simply garden marigold (Calendula) — we have a metric pant-load of those blooming right now in our garden! 🙂

  5. I’m loving the loaves of bread. Going through a carby phase. That looks something I’ll want to stuff my face with. hehe

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