Vietnamese Vegetarian

Thai Vermicelli

So yesterday, to celebrate Labor Day, and to take a much needed break from my stupid Java Programming homework, I met up with a friend at a nearby vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant in Huntington Beach, called Bo De Tinh Tam Chay.

Neither of us had been there before, so it was a new experience and quite a treat! First, the food was delicious, which is the most important thing to me. The other thing that really surprised me, aside from the beautiful Buddhist/Oriental decor were the prices, which were some of the most reasonable prices I’ve seen around.

Vegetable Curry w/Tofu

After dinner, we walked over to the Asian grocery and I was dazzled with all the vegan foods available, as well as the selection of vegetables and fruits. And the freshly made tofu. I couldn’t resist, I bought some fresh silken tofu that was still warm.

I also bought a Japenese Eggplant and just to try, some mock beef. Quite a haul, and all of that only cost around $4!

Vietnamese Market Items


4 Responses to “Vietnamese Vegetarian”

  1. I love freshly made tofu…they just taste better.

    Vietnamese food is not something I have often but I wouldn’t mind it from time to time.

    Well it’s the weekend…so I hope you get to take another break from your homework:)

  2. I wanted to try that restaurant. I heard about it but didn’t get a chance to go yet. So many vegan restaurants and choices. Have you been to the Loving Hut at Ladera Ranch? It’s great!

    We had the Energy Bowl at Thuyen Vien. Yum! I like that restaurant, too.


  3. Jewell Davis Says:

    Which market has the fresh tofu? How did you like it?

  4. Eric,

    We went to this restaurant. It’s awesome! The food was delicious, cheap cause the serving size is huge. We will definitely be back. We ordered banana flower soup, crispy pan fried rice noodles, veg fish stew, brown rice, and crispy mushrooms. Each dish is huge. We could have fed 5-6 people.
    I asked for Durian shake with soy milk and they’ll do it for you. My husband ordered sour plum soda. All was about $47 and we brought home half of the food.


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