Lazy Summer Hot Dogs!

summer hot dog

I’ve been on a hot dog hiatus for a long time now. I’ve been burnt out, but in the past few weeks, I’ve fallen back in love with the simple joy of a delicious hot dog with all the fixin’s on a warm summer day.

Its especially satisfying after a good swim.

I made some guacamole and bought some delicious locally made tortilla chips. I also love the relish I’ve been using, Bubbies.

I sat down to enjoy my dinner with a cool breeze wafting through. No TV, just some relaxing music to enhance the experience. I try to practice cooking as meditation, but maybe I can develop eating as meditation too 🙂


2 Responses to “Lazy Summer Hot Dogs!”

  1. hehe yea mindful eating…we’re supposed to be mindful with every thought and action anyway…

    You know I’ve been in the mood for hotdogs too and oddly ya posted one…I went as far as purchasing wholewheat buns but have yet found the time to make hot dogs…I love sweet relish. I don’t know what would hot dogs be without them!

    Oh yea another thing I like to do is heat up some Tabasco and water, add slivers of onions to make like a little “compote” sauce thing. It brings a different dimension to the plain ol’dog.

  2. This sounds like the perfect summer meal–simple food without any distractions. I’ll join you in practicing eating as meditation:)

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