Cooking As Meditation – A Perfect Evening

dinner on the patio!

I moved into a new apartment last weekend, so I’ve been very busy with packing, unpacking, and getting stuff set up. I haven’t had very much time to cook, so I haven’t had the best eating habits lately.

But last night (Sunday evening) I cooked my first real meal in my new place, and enjoyed it on the patio. I have a gas range now, instead of electric, which I don’t have too much experience with, so I decided to do something easy – curried vegetables. It turned out excellent! For dessert, I had a raw pudding that I bought from the local Mother’s Market (an awesome mostly vegetarian market).

I’ve been picking up some cool things to cook with…Bed Bath & Beyond really loves me right now. I’m really excited about my new refrigerator; it has the freezer on the bottom, so the main compartment is eye-level and easier to reach things. I also bought a fancy new eco-friendly set of pots and pans called Greenware. They are great to cook with.

curry stir fry

As for my dinner….I chopped up some broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash and green beans, sauteed them a bit and then simmered in some Bombay Curry. For dessert, the raw pudding. When I tried a sample in the market, I nearly did a backflip it was that delicious.

pudding ingredients
raw pudding
raw chocolate pudding


2 Responses to “Cooking As Meditation – A Perfect Evening”

  1. Once you are all settled in your new apartment, I have no doubt that you will be creating more awesome meals (A gas range! I am jealous, my electric range only heats the elements partially). And, I have decided that I must have some of your pudding. If there is a pudding that makes people do backflips and has avocado in it, I need some.

  2. Wow you’re like the 3rd person I know who’s moving this summer!

    I’ve heard about the greenpan and have been wondering if it’s worth the purchase.

    Your curried vegs looks good…sometimes I like eating curries with nice soft fluffy bread.

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