Wetlands Hike, Shoes and Washington DC

bolsa chica wetlands

As usual, it has been a busy past few weeks! Tomorrow very early in the morning I will catch a plane to Washington DC for a conference, and I’ll be there till Wednesday June 17. On my birthday, June 16, I will attend a VIP dinner at the Library of Congress! Its like the Mecca of the U.S. library world. I’ll be attending several Healthy Eating/Nutritional seminars while at the conference, as well as an Ethics session on how to make better humanitarian and environmental decisions at work.

Last Friday I went on a beautiful hike with my cousin to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands near my house. This is a well-known section of land, locally at least. There have been legal battles for years over whether to keep it natural or to put some crappy housing developments on it. I think you can guess where I stand. It is so close to where I live, right on the beach, that I plan to go at least once each week for a long walk.

I also got myself some new shoes. My old converse had holes in them, the soles were coming apart, and they gave me an overall shabby appearance, so I picked up some new ones. My old ones were by No Sweat, which is an awesome company that uses nothing but sustainable vegan products in making their shoes, and they even come with a balance sheet to show the fair wages that their workers receive, along with benefits. But I can’t find that brand anymore, and I’m trying to stop ordering things from far away, so I picked up some traditional Converse shoes. Not quite as comfortable as my trusty No Sweat shoes, but they’re working out nicely.


I’ve been cooking but not photographing 😦 I made an AWESOME asparagus dish last night but I was busy talking to my cousin, and focused on finishing the meal so we could make it to the movie theater on time, I forgot to take pictures. At least the movie (Angels & Demons) was good!

Till next time…..


4 Responses to “Wetlands Hike, Shoes and Washington DC”

  1. miamadness15 Says:

    For the shoes, the Adbusters have pairs of their own no sweat ones. You should look into those next time. Maybe you could find a pair there.

  2. Hey that’s a great suggestion. Thanks for the idea, I’m gonna check that out….I love my other pair of Ad Busters shoes 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Bloomsday, Eric! That first picture is so beautiful. Have fun at the dinner!

  4. the wetlands hike sounds really nice.

    I swear that people find ways to chip away at natural areas. very infuriating to me even when it’s a small area.

    forgetting to take pics is 1/2 the fun isn’t it? I do it a lot.

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