Graduation Party

grad group

Last Saturday, May 23 was my surprise graduation party, held at the Richard Nixon Library.  This was the big one that I’ve been anticipating for….well…..a long time.  I’m finially finished with my Master’s degree, so a party at a historic library was the perfect way to celebrate!

Pictured above are most of my family.  There are actually many more who were not able to attend….mostly due to distance.  I have a lot of family still in Germany and also the midwest, but those who attended are my closest family and friends.  I must say, the food was phenomenal.  My mom, who planned the whole party, had it catered by Veggie Grill.  The food was SO good, that even the meat eaters went for the Veggie Grill items over the “omni platter” that the library provided.  I’m just glad I grabbed a bunch of food the first time around, because there was little left by the time I made it back for seconds.

nixon fountain

So this was a double fun experience for me because it was not only a party to celebrate a big milestone, but also an opportunity to share the great veg options with members of my family who usually scoff at my choice of foods.

nixon presidential hall

Overall, it was a super fun day!

me at my grad party


5 Responses to “Graduation Party”

  1. Congrats again, Eric! Nice to meet your family and I am really glad they liked the food!


    Hey where is my plate of yummy food from veggie grill???

  3. Congratulations! And how great that you got to showcase some veggie food 🙂

  4. Eric, first of all, congratulations on getting your degree! Second of all, I’m trying to do some research on chat reference in corporate library settings. I saw that you worked at Boeing and that Boeing used chat. Would you please email me if you’re up for discussing? Thanks!

  5. You went to college…got yourself a nice Masters now…
    a teleporter device is no biggie for a brainiac like you.

    You owe me more food now. *evil laughter

    Note to self – get pants with stretchy waistline when heading to Seattle.

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