Choconut Smoothie

choconut smoothie

Perfect for a warm sunny spring day.  Except it is gloomy, cold and overcast this weekend.  My favorite weather!  So this smoothie turns out to be perfect in any weather and any climate.  And any excuse to use my new blender is a welcome opportunity.

Having just returned from the grocery store, this smoothie is also a great refresher.


(all organic)
cocao nibs
chocolate silken tofu (first time I’ve tried it….very tasty)
hemp milk
palm sugar
raw cashews
ice (duh)

I am not including proportions because I didn’t really measure anything out. I did use 2 tablespoons of palm sugar, which was not much for how much smoothie this recipe yielded – it pretty much filled up the entire blender container. You could easily substitute agave for palm sugar, but I had some on hand, and I never have sugar, so I figured this one time I could go crazy. But the fruits add the majority of the flavor, and are what make this smoothie such a great mix of chocolate and fruit.


2 Responses to “Choconut Smoothie”

  1. Whoa – chocolate…good.

    Thats looks freakin’ fantastic.

    OMGAWD – if you made it like a popsicle do you think it’ll work?? Or like a sherbet?

  2. I love the cloudy, cold weather too. Sunshine is nice, but if I could choose, I think overcast days would dominate the year…

    Anyways, the smoothie looks yummy! I’ve recently started having a smoothie every morning, and your combination of ingredients will stray me from the usual banana-berry smoothies. Thanks for sharing!

    And yes, snakes are out in full force! I saw several (no rattlers, thankfully) on a backpacking trail over the weekend down in southern coastal Oregon. Yipes!

    Congrats on your graduation. Somebody should bake you a big cake!

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