Raw Red Pepper Soup

raw soup

So I finally bought a decent blender.  No, it isn’t as cool as the Vitamix blenders I’ve seen floating around on various blogs, but I had tons of giftcards to Lowe’s, so I only ended up paying $4 for a $130 blender.  It is definitely doing a good job.  So, the first thing I made with my cool new blender was this recipe from The Vegan Mouse blog.  (check out her entry….it has a much better picture…..I was working with really bad lighting conditions)

This soup was absolutely delicious.  It is almost purley based on vegetable flavors, and they really pop.  But next time I am going to eat it as a hot soup because that much rawness gave me a terrible stomach ache.  But this is a very easy recipe, nutritious, filling……and fun because you get to make it with a blender  =)

I used slightly different portions and ingredients, but it was mostly the same as the original.


2 large red bell peppers, chopped
2 ribs celery, sliced
1 or 2 cloves of garlic
1/4 cup raw unsalted cashews
2 tsp. red miso paste
1 chopped jalapeno – careful…..this makes it fairly spicy, use less if you don’t want it too spicy
2 TB olive oil
2 cups water
2 TB chopped onion
1 avocado
ground black pepper to taste


6 Responses to “Raw Red Pepper Soup”

  1. Last time I did a raw gazpacho, I had the same thing. Horrible tummy ache (from all the air bubbles in the raw blended goodness maybe?). I made the same thing again but cooked it a bit after blending, then cooling (big bowl of ice under smaller bowl of soup) and no problems. Perhaps your raw foodist readers will have suggestions, but for me, I need to tame the gasses in the soup before consumption. Congratulations on the blender. My last batch of Lowe’s gift cards went to a Cuisinart Food Processor. Niiice.

  2. Caroline Says:

    Yum! Sounds great. I’ve been trying to include more raw foods in my diet, plus I just got a new food processor so this recipe is perfect!

  3. Josh – you may be on to something. I did notice that it was full of air bubbles from the blending. Maybe it needs to sit over night in the fridge?

    I’m still gonna go with cooking it as well, because I like hot soup; its just so comforting.

  4. I have a KitchenAid blender, too! I think I’m going to get a fancy high-speed blender soon, though.

  5. Four dollars for a blender? That’s pretty fantastic!
    I just added that soup to my list. It looks great and sounds so delicious!

  6. 4 freakin dollars for a blender! You lucky brat!

    Soups looks awesome!

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