German 'Tato Salad

kartoffel salat


So today, my whole family is coming over for an afternoon of fun and frolick.  I’m looking forward to veggie Beer Brats, Amy’s veggie Texas Burger, and my first crack at making a German Potato Salad.  Or in my family, we call it just plain old Kartoffelsalat.

My Oma (German for grandmother) was on hand to…..lend me a hand.  She’s the resident potato salad expert, which was probably why she was so excited about trying the recipe in PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook.  She took a more supervisory role, and gave me a few heritage tips to make it a bit more of my family’s version….which means I added a sprinkling of paprika.

I can honestly say that this is the best potato salad I’ve ever had.  Normally I’m not a huge potato salad person, becuase to me, it tastes funny, but this one turned out perfect, and it is a hit so far with everyone who has tried it.  I think the fakin’ bacon crumbles added a really nice touch.

Coming from a German family, potato salad is a staple of any family gathering.  But I have NEVER seen the entire bowl cleared out before.  Everyone kept telling me how good it was, and by the end of the afternoon, it had been entirely eaten!  I was expecting leftovers!


10 Responses to “German 'Tato Salad”

  1. Is it the vinegar kind of Kartoffelsalat? I have to admit, I’ve never tried it because I am from a mayonnaise potato salad family. I bet your grandmother made the salad perfect. And yes, paprika!

  2. miamadness15 Says:

    I am seriously interested in the cookbook. I am torn because it’s PETA… would you still recommend it? I love budget food!

  3. Okaaaaaaaaaaay I love potatoes a bit too much and I know this salad is teh winner!

    I believe you when you said the tato salad tasted awesome cause I know you have good taste in food!

    I do know that paprika & potatoes are a big thing for the Germanic tribe. hehe. More on that in the e-mail I owe you.

    One last thing – YOU ARE NOT A DORK.

    All is well – just terribly busy:(

  4. Shenzhi Says:

    Ah, Taters-salad! Nom!

    I concur with Mihl, our family is more of the Mayo-kind!
    Im more the Nudelsalat-person, though!

    What sort of Fakebacon did you use?

  5. Shenzhi,

    Nudelsalat is great too! Although my family doesn’t make that too often.

    I use a tempeh fake bacon called fakin’ bacon, here is the link:

  6. Shenzhi Says:

    Cheers, Eric! 🙂

    Those Tempeh-Strips sound good, alas, Im pretty certain those are not available ’round here! (North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany that is)

    Will snoop around for a decend substitute, for smoked tofu isnt really my cuppa!

  7. If you can’t find it available, you can just get some regular tempeh and marinate it in liquid smoke.

    That’s pretty much all that the fakin’ bacon is, just tempeh soaked with liquid smoke, but they give it a fancy name and package 🙂

    How is your area of Germany? Westphalia is another place I’d like to visit one day.

  8. Shenzhi Says:

    Ah, good idea that! Thanks!

    Hmmm…. *tilts head a little* How is this area here….
    Well, North Rhine-Westphalia (or NRW for short 😉 is somewhat different from the other “Lands” of Germany, being totally industrialized and… crowded (cant come up with any other description, sorry!).
    Dont get me wrong though, its not bad living here! The “Ruhrpott”, were I live (search Wiki for “Ruhr Area”) is simply brimful with cities, which is quite unusual and unlike any other area in Germany.
    Its nice when youre used to it, say, driving from one point to another doesnt take that long, but I guess it can be a bit overwhelming if not so.

    Apart from that I think every other description from me would be subjective! 😉

  9. I bet NRW is not too much different from what I am surrounded with. Lots of industrialized areas here in southern California as well.

    I will have to visit NRW one day….I was supposed to this summer but my plans were side tracked for moving to Seattle.

  10. potato salad is one of the few places that i allow potatoes onto my plate. along with fries and chips. yum!

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