PETA's Vegan College Cookbook


PETAs Vegan College Cookbook

PETA's Vegan College Cookbook

Earlier this week, I had the awesome honor of receiving an advance copy of PETA’s new Vegan College Cookbook.

So I’ve been flipping through it over the past several days, getting excited about all of the really cool recipes and how easy they are.  I’m especially excited to try the avocado soup.  

Even better, I showed it to my grandmother who is 75, as omnivore as a person gets, and considers a hearty portion of vegetables to be a table spoon of boiled peas and carrots, topped with dill weed.  She liked the recipes so much that I had to wait till she was done reading everything before I could actually have the chance to look at it.  She insisted I make the German Potato Salad for Mother’s Day, and she even went out and bought the potatos for me.

All of the recipes call for readily available ingredients, and most of them I already have in my pantry, and something even more convenient is that they can all be cooked in the microwave.  Pretty nice when you’re in a hurry.  The cover claims the recipes are quick and easy, and this cookbook really delivers on that statement.

It will hit bookshelves on Tuesday, May 12.  If you are looking for a really good cookbook, with simple yet delicious recipes, I’d HIGHLY recommend this one!


3 Responses to “PETA's Vegan College Cookbook”

  1. Hi Eric,

    I’ve been busy and not participating in the veggie meetup events(veggie parade, etc). We are going to Hawaii for 2 weeks, next week. Yahoo!

    I have been following Rick Bayless’ cooking show (you introduced it in one of your blog). I enjoy watching it although it is not a vegetarian show. I like his creativity in entertaining his guests. I also tried the Andean Dream cookies. Pretty good! Keep up the great blog.


  2. Look at you getting the vegan blogger goodies! They didn’t offer one to me… 😉

    I’m glad you and your Oma like the book so much!

  3. Okay your Oma is too cool!

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