Meatball Sammich!

meatball sandwich2 

So I don’t know why, but periodically I go on a meatball sandwich kick. They just seem to pack a bunch of different things that I like, all in one delicious package. Also, they are totally easy to make, so on an evening when I’m just not in the mood to bust out all the fancy cookware, this is a good option. A pot and a bowl is about all you need.

So, run (don’t walk) down to your local grocery and pick up some veggieballs…..hmmm that just doesn’t sound right.  I’ll go with meatballs and trust everyone knows I’m not advocating the literal translation. Okay I need to stop thinking about this.



hotdog buns (I like the Ezekiel sprouted grain, but in the picture they are regular wheat buns because Whole Foods was all out of da sprouted)

follow your heart melting mozzarella

tomato sauce (I used Seeds of Change Tuscan Tomato and Garlic)

pepper (if you like extra flavor)


Just heat up the sauce in a pot, while that is happening, nuke your meatballs for a few minutes and you’re ready to roll.  I dusted the whole affair with nutritional yeast because I have a huge bucket in my pantry that needs to see some use.  And because I’m a nut, I added fresh sprouts as well.  Not very traditional, but I just finished a crop and needed to start eating them.

POW!  enjoy an easy meal 🙂



3 Responses to “Meatball Sammich!”

  1. Looks totally tasty and perfect for lazy days.

  2. I’ll tell ya why – cause meatball subs are teh best! Please tell me you watch Friends. That eppie where they rode on the cop car and Joey was carrying the best meatball sammich. There was a gunshot and Ross thought Joey was saving him from the shot but he was actually protecting his sammich!hehehehe

    Anyhoo – I KNEW you weren’t gonna disappoint me with this meal. Send some over!!!

    That’s two sammiches already mister!

  3. I’ve never had such a sandwich! But I totally believe you that it is easy to make and delicious. It looks so good.

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