Worldfest – May 16

Worldfest is on May 16 in Encino.  I went last year and had a really good time.

Captain Paul Watson will be one of the speakers this year…..I can’t wait to see him speak, he’s one of my biggest inspirations.

Just passing along the info 🙂

Also….this made me happy…..I’ve been a huge Black Sabbath fan since I was a teenager (like a million other teenage boys haha) and their bassist has been vegetarian since the age of 8.  Pretty cool!

And also… apologies for not sharing any food pictures.  I’ve been eating lots of really great food lately, and I keep forgetting to bring along my camera, so I have no photos to show. Sadface.

I’ve been making some really good veggie meatball sandwiches lately, so the next time I make them, which will be this week, I’ll be sure to take pictures!


5 Responses to “Worldfest – May 16”

  1. I’ll be there!

    BTW, how far is That’s Amore from Angel Stadium?

  2. yes, worldfest is going to be great this year. Along with Capt. Paul Watson, other speakers include Shambala Preserve founder Tippi Hedren, vegan body-builder Robert Cheeke, author Katy Freston plus music and an all vegan food court and a beer & wine garden!

  3. yea don’t think for a minute ya can get away with NOT sharing droolworthy veg meatball sammiches!

    Coolness – had no idea Butler is a veg too! high 5!

    Have fun at World Fest! O’wait ya always have fun!

  4. I’ve attended a seminar that Robert Cheeke has given, and he is really inspiring. I’m even more excited to hear that he’ll be at Worldfest!

  5. sounds like fun!

    I’m looking forward to the sandwich pix.

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