For the Veg*n Traveler

A friend shared this on her blog and I thought I would share as well, for non-meat eaters who read this and like to travel.

International Vegetarian Union

It has common sentences in a range of languages to help in the ordering of food.

There is only one glaring omission…..they don’t include jive. So I took the liberty of translating some of the phrases.

I duzn’t feed da bud meat, fish, o’ dairy – I don’t eat meat, fish, or dairy
I am some vegetarian (vegan) – I am a vegetarian (vegan)
Give me some boogie, fish counts as meat too. Right On! – Give me a break, fish counts as meat too!
Get dat meat off mah’ plate befo’e ah’ slap ya’ downside da damn ‘haid! – Get that meat off my plate before I slap you upside the head!


8 Responses to “For the Veg*n Traveler”

  1. To paraphrase Airplane: “‘Scuse me, Miss, but I speak Jive!”

  2. high 5!

    Am so glad ya find this useful Eric!

    I lolled at sharpie pen story. Great now I can’t look at grill marks the same way again!hmph!:D

    You are a world class traveler…whatchu talkin’ about? hehe

    Must learn how to speak Jive…you’ll be my translator..since you’re savvy!

    ps: onion ring recipe is upppppppppp

  3. Hey lucky vegan!

    hehe thanks for the compliment..blushes..i am so sorry i’m surrounding you with fashion! lol

    Anyway wow seattle…nice! Great music scene..well back in those days!

    I only love the natural food products section of TJS…I stay away from anything processed…frozen…and you are right…
    the crowd is always crazy.

    Someone once said that they won’t be surprised if someone pulled an uzi out in the middle of TJ’s to make a

  4. dude you’re missing so much on mushroom love!

    awwww hope you’re linguine turns out well…let me know…

    and my gawd will you update your page already…stop pretending to have a life!


  5. when i mean update, i meant food recipes:D

  6. that’s pretty cool.

    I bought a vegan passport a few years ago, but haven’t needed to use it yet. too bad I didn’t have it when I was in Germany a long time ago.

  7. Lawrence Says:

    I love the Jive section…. should have an asterisk saying best spoken with a proper accent.

  8. Of course da damn accent be always dere when speakin’ JIBE. Don’t mess wid me o’ I’ll knock ya’ downside da damn ‘haid. Right On!

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