My Favorite Cooking Show on DVD!


I just discovered the full DVD collection from my favorite cooking show. So naturally, I bought all of the seasons!

Mexico, One Plate at a Time airs every Saturday (in southern California) on PBS. I love it, I always joke that its my favorite time of the week. And it really is! Sometimes I have a margarita while I watch that week’s episode, to get in the proper fiesta mood.

While this show is omni, the show’s host, Rick Bayless is a master chef and he shares many recipes that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. The guacamole he makes always looks so good. It is one of my goals to eat at his top-rated Mexican restaurant, Topolobampo the next time I’m in Chicago.


5 Responses to “My Favorite Cooking Show on DVD!”

  1. I used to be so addicted to tv cooking shows and I love those “underground” ones. Thanks for sharing…wish I had more time for tv!

    Will be on a look out for this Bayless dude.

  2. Hey Eric,

    Thanks so much for all your thoughtful comments and your New Year wish =)

    Yes, Hook is an awesome song and hope it brought ya back good memories.

    This modern age has killed many forms of human bonding but I do hope we will survive. At least I am trying to keep the human spirit up.

    And I have a hunch, you’re the same too. After all what is the meaning of this very life of ours if we were to spend it in a selfish manner?

  3. Awww cool hand Eric..admitting you like Anne series…but it’s okay you can trust our circle of vegan bloggers. I am so sorry you are stuck with a bunch of girls talking about outfits. I promise there will be foodie pics soon.hehe

    Anyway, I DO know of the series u talked about. I caught bits of it on PBS many moons ago and it was soooo boring. Plus I only wanted to see Gil and there wasn’t much.

    Ohhh the show is on dvd? Well that has gotta wait, camera comes first:( sigh.

    And yes…take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the slr cameras are free…

  4. wait, misread…I haven’t seen the series you mentioned and now I want to!

    I caught the war bit on pbs.Now that was boring.It wasn’t the same.

    sorry my bad:(


  5. I love mexican food. that show looks like it would be fun to watch.

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