Moving to Seattle!


Yup, I’m moving up to Seattle. I am moving up there for my job as an access & interface librarian. I’ve been wanting to move up to Seattle for several years now, so I’m quite excited about this opportunity.

I’ll be in Seattle all of next week for work, and while I’m there I’ll be finding a place to live. I hear there are a ton of awesome veg*n restaurants in the area, and I’m excited to check them all out. And the hiking looks great.

I signed up to contribute to Vegan MoFo, but I’ve been so darn busy I haven’t had a chance. I’m going to attempt to catch up this weekend, but with school work, getting ready for my trip, and various other responsibilities, I may not have time.

Supposed to attend a permaculture workshop on Sunday, but I may not even have time for that! I’m going to try to make it, because this’ll be my last chance to do so, and the people who run Ars Terra are awesome. Fortunately they are in a fairly successful band and go on tour quite often, so I’ll still be able to say hi when they are in Seattle.


8 Responses to “Moving to Seattle!”

  1. Nice!!! Good luck with the move!!!

  2. Yay, Seattle! We just moved here in June, and it is the awesome. Welcome to town! Um, yeah, and I also have my master’s in library science (from UM). Go team, vegan-library!

  3. That’s just what Seattle needs … more vegans.

  4. Is that your own photo? It’s awesome! The pink sky, Mt. Rainier, the twinkly lights… Hooray for a move to Seattle coming up! The pacific northwest is my favorite place. And, you are close to Portland; super opportunities for you! Hope you have a safe move.

  5. Oooh, I love when people get excited about moving to Seattle! I think it’s one of the best places in the country, especially if you love nature and the outdoors.

    And to think I probably would have never even visited Seattle if I hadn’t met my wife and she hadn’t forced me to visit it that first time. You’ll love it and good luck with finding a place. Not sure where you’ll be working but I personally love the Fremont area. You might want to check it out.

  6. very exciting…..
    i have always wanted to visit the portland/seattle area…
    perhaps the next time i venture out to BC….
    good luck with it all….

  7. That pic makes me want to pick up and move to Seattle.

  8. welcome to seattle in advance.

    once you’re settled in, check out the seattle vegan meetup. it’s really fun.

    they also do a thanksgiving potluck, which is nice.

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