Juicing and Blending

Now that I’ve jumped head first into the wonderful world of food processors, my next move is to start juicing and get a blender that isn’t 30 years old!

So….I’m looking at this juicer, which one of my yoga friends says is a great one:


And for a blender, I’m looking at a Cuisinart Smooth Operator blender/smoothie maker. It is 56 oz and 1500 watts of pure pulse power. Fortunately I can get one of these for free from work using my “award points”.


Opinions? Advice? I’m hoping this is a good one!


2 Responses to “Juicing and Blending”

  1. I love getting new kitchen gadgets :o). And how awesome is it that you can get your blender for FREE?!

  2. Well I obviously love the juicer because I’m the one who garnered a shout out on “the ‘grub” but I would caution *against* a blender with a spigot. I’ve never had good luck with them. Unblended food products (berries, ice cubes, nuts) always get stuck in the spigot and clog it up and then you have to stick your hand in there to get the unblended bit out just to use the spigot and then it’s like, well what’s the point? I just stuck my hand in there. So… Your call, but there’s my unsolicited advice That being said, Free is Free.

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