OC Veggie Meetup @ The Veggie Grill

Chicken Sammich
Saturday, May 17 was the first Orange County Veggie meetup that Alia and I have organized. This group was previously the OC Vegan meetup, but the meetings were lackluster and in the past month since the last meetup, 4 organizers came and went.

Alia and I jumped at the opportunity to take the lead and make sure things are done right. There was a lot of confusion about when and where the meetup would be taking place, but mostly due to Alia’s work on this, everything was straightened out and I must say, yesterday’s meetup was a HUGE success.

Everyone met at The Veggie Grill in Irvine, and the food and atmosphere, as well as the service was awesome! We had been hoping for 5-10 people to show up, but instead, 30 people attended! It seems there is a lot of latent veggie energy in Orange County. We met at 5:30 and everyone had such a wonderful time socializing, talking, hanging out, and eating that we didn’t leave till 10:30 at night! And we would have been there longer if the restaurant hadn’t closed. It was really a fun time, and I’m really excited for future meetups.

I was so hungry that I started eating my food, completely forgetting to take a picture! I remembered halfway through, so I got a shot of at least one half of my chick’n sammich. Once again, the food was absolutely phenomenal.


10 Responses to “OC Veggie Meetup @ The Veggie Grill”

  1. sounds like fun! I don’t even live that far from the OC, but biking it all the way there would still be too far from my legs. (think, 3 hours with a car)

  2. My husband and I just ate dinner at the El Segundo Veggie Grill on Friday night and we absolutely loved it.
    It might juat be our fav. place.

  3. If you are even in OC and looking for a lunch/dinner buddy, feel free to let me know! 🙂

  4. Ooh I’d like to try the one in El Segundo as well. The food really was delicious!

  5. Good for you for organizing a Veg meet-up! I wish I lived around there and could’ve come!

    Hehe I am constantly forgetting to take a picture of my food until it’s ½ gone (or sometimes until it’s ALL gone).

  6. Oh my goodness! I just discovered your page, and all those awesome food photos! The chocolate pie looks especially enticing. The cow eating the sod is too cute!

  7. Are those sweet potato fries??? Get in mah belly, sweet potato fries! They look good… Glad the meet up was such a success 🙂 It’s encouraging. Viva la veggie revolution!

  8. 30 people! I’m so happy it went well, your veggie meet up. I’m sorry I missed it.

    I think the half eaten food pictures quite well 😉

  9. Ah i hate when I forget to take pictures!!! congrats on your veggie meet up… very cool 🙂
    That sammich looks AMAZINGGGGGGG

  10. Hi Eric!

    Sorry I missed it. I planned to come but couldn’t at the last minute. I am going to try very hard to come to your next meeting at Au Lac. Veggie Grill is delish. I tried the one in El Segundo, too, after we landed at LAX from vac. It’s so nice to have Veggie Grill at El Segundo for that reason. See you soon! I love your picture of that yummy sandwich.

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