Tofurky Celebration Roast

tofurkey celebration roast
Another semester draws to a close. The rush of final projects is finished, for two blessed weeks until summer classes start. Haven’t had much time to cook anything decent, much less post anything, but now that I’m on a bit of a break, I’ll be cooking and posting plenty!

To celebrate the toils of the semester ending, I made a Tofurky roast, with mushroom “giblet” gravy, broccoli, cauliflower, and mashed potatoes. This is a favorite of mine, and so it is a fitting meal to celebrate with.

The recipe for cooking the roast can be found here.


9 Responses to “Tofurky Celebration Roast”

  1. Hey Eric,
    I just found your blog… it looks terrific (especially that moo-less pie!!!).

  2. Thanks!

  3. Wow! I just found your website through a comment you left on Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog and–well, wow! Your food looks incredible & the photography is gorgeous! What kind of camera do you use? (I’m adding you to my links, as well–hope that’s okay!)

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! Your blog looks amazing as well, I love the layout, and the food! I’ll definitely be trying some of your recipes. I’ll be adding you to my links as well 🙂

    I use a Nikon D40, most of the time with a 18-55mm lens. Low-cost and takes wonderful pictures!

  5. Hey Eric! Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂 I’m so excited to hear that you’re vegan and a yogi. Just to add something else to the list of common interests, I very strongly considered becoming a librarian. I LOVE books! Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to reading all your back posts. I haven’t had a chance yet, but I definitely will!

  6. P.S. I practice (and teach on a substitute basis) Vinyasa yoga.

  7. I’ve only taken one Kundalini class, if you can believe it. I enjoyed it, but it’s not offered where I normally practice yoga.

    I loved the certification process. I also went through an advanced teachers’ training/deepening one’s practice retreat last summer. If you’d like, I’d be happy to tell you all about both!

    I love teaching yoga. Yoga has been such an amazing addition to my life and I have a great time sharing that with other people. I’m actually substituting a class this coming Wednesday, so that will be fun. 🙂

  8. Aww, thanks for your sweet comment about my blog :o). As I said, I think yours is great—I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.

    Your photography is really great; are you a photographer, or have you taken a class or something?

  9. Wow, well keep pretending— your photos look great!

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