Egg Replacer

I haven’t really gotten into baking yet, but I got to pondering the question: is there a replacement for eggs?

Of course for breakfast egg dishes, tofu works wonders (see my tofu scramble recipe, its awesome). But for baking, you need something that will bind the ingredients better than soy milk or various forms of tofu might.

Armed with the knowledge that there is a veggie replacement for everything, I dug around and found this awesome product, recommended by vegan chefs. The picture on the box, and the box itself is straight out of the 70’s. I love that they simply flipped the bird to snazzy modern graphics and stuck to the old school picture and design. It really fills me with a sense of happiness that not all companies have followed the pack.

I haven’t used this egg replacer yet, but I have it from good authority that it works great, just like eggs when you are baking.



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